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The reasons for starting this service

Assignment help 4 me started this service last month when it was released how big the problem of plagiarism has become among the student community. Sometimes, a student has no idea that the paper he has written matches with some other text on the internet and some important modification that needs to be done in his or her assignment. Therefore, one of the reasons is to help the student community.

Another reason is to draw a specific kind of traffic to the website, which means to bring more and new students on the platform.

How the company sees it

Jessica Gross, a writer and academic consultant of the company explains, “We have seen that there are many things that students have to face that hinder the growth of their academic lives. Many such things are related to the lack of knowledge and information related to how to judge the work they have done and what kind of tools and resources to be used in making a paper that leaves a good impression on the professors.”

What other related services are there

“This is not the only thing that we are providing for free to help the students. There are more than 200 expert articles on different subjects; there are blog posts explaining tips, tricks and methods to write an excellent paper without any external help. Also, our writers guest posts on other social websites, sharing their knowledge for the benefit of the student community.”, said Jessica.

About: is a platform for the students and the writers. It has more than 2000 experts on various subjects who help the students in working on their assignments and other academic papers for a fee. The company was founded in 2015, and despite being a relatively new organisation, has been able to establish a good reputation and growth in the factor of ten.