Start Enjoying your Life with KT Folding Back Stretcher. No Need for Surgery or Drugs

Are you undergoing lower back pain like bulging disc, spinal degeneration, herniated disc, sciatica? Are you searching for the best standing lower back stretch at home or work for spasms/back pain relief? If yes, then this time try KT folding back stretcher for convenient, economical, safe, natural, and effective treatment.

Hanging your body on the back stretcher helps in stretching the whole spine in a natural way, lessens the pressure of the vertebrae onto your bulged disc or herniated disc, makes the “nucleus pulposus” back to the original place and make your muscles relax, therefore aiding to relieve pain efficiently.

Let you know that it is possible to adjust the handle-bar’s height easily so that it fits the height of the user. You can pick the safest and most comfortable height of back stretcher for yourself. And the best part is that you can easily stretch your entire body without bending legs or jumping up higher to reach the handle-bar. Not to mention, back stretches for sciatic nerve pain are very much effective hence you should buy one if you are experiencing this.

You may wonder why should you buy KT folding back stretcher? Well, it is quite sturdy and stable too and never collapse or drop down. So, you get the ultimate safety when you use it. In addition, it doesn’t need ground digging or wall drilling for setting up. Its portable design makes it a popular choice. You can carry it while going to your office so that you can stretch your spine easily at office/work. This can be folded in no time after a workout session. It is even possible to remove or add accessories like yoga hammock, swing chair for children, foam handle-grips etc. It comes with 10 years warranty that prevents you from buying a back stretcher every year. And if you are thinking about side effects, then you will be glad to know you would face no side effects using a back stretcher.

So, if you are planning to buy one for the muscle spasms in lower back, then contact KT INC. Purchase it today and say goodbye to your Sciatica torments or lower back pain.

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