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Scissor Tech recently added new Matsui models to their catalogue. The latest Aichen Mountain Range and VG10 series provide high-quality and durable blades with the same ergonomic offset handle features of the Matsui brand.

[United Kingdom, 11/9/2018] – Scissor Tech, a trusted online seller of professional hairdressing scissors and shears, has recently added Matsui’s newest models of hairdressing shears and hair thinning scissors. The two models provide hairdressers with durable and reliable tools made from high-quality materials.

The Matsui Aichei Mountain Range

One of the newest additions to Scissor Tech’s catalogue is the Matsui Aichei Mountain Range of hairdressing shears and thinning scissors. The tools in this range present lightweight properties despite being infused with cobalt, which is a heavy metal.

The cobalt infusion gives the blades high resistance to corrosion. As cobalt is known for retaining its strength at high temperatures, the blades present strong heat-resistance as well. Hairdressers can easily execute smooth slide cutting, point cutting, feathering and texturing techniques.

The Matsui VG10 Series

For a limited time, Scissor Tech is offering the Matsui VG10 range of limited edition scissors. These tools have a VG10 Japanese steel base, known for its high quality and corrosion resistance.

VG10 is a cutlery grade stainless steel originally used for kitchen knives. VG10 is made from a combination of relatively small amounts of carbon, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and manganese. This mixture of metals gives VG10 its impressive durability.

Other Features of the Matsui Range

Both the Matsui Aichi Mountain Range and VG10 series have an ergonomic offset handle for optimal comfort. This type of handle reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. Each model of hairdressing shears and hair thinning scissors also comes with a left-handed version.

About Scissor Tech

Since 1998, Scissor Tech has been providing professional products and services to hairdressers and barbers across the globe. Being an exclusively online store, Scissor Tech is able to offer their products lower than the retail price. All scissors and shears on Scissor Tech’s catalogue have been manufactured with careful and detailed workmanship.

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