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The Center for Hospice Care educates and guides grieving individuals with specially-designed programs, like Forget Me Not, for parents, and Good Grief Guy and Good Grief Gals.

[SOUTH BEND, 09/10/2018] — The Center for Hospice Care provides grief and bereavement programs to help individuals recover and move forward after the passing of a loved one. The organization notes that people do not have to go through the grieving process alone.

The Center for Hospice Care has a team of counselors and volunteers who help individuals cope with pain and sadness through different support programs. Anyone who is within the organization’s service area can take the programs for free.

Extensive Grief Support for Adults

Support groups provide a suitable avenue to cope with a loss. It allows individuals to connect with other people who also experience similar pain. At the Center for Hospice Care, grieving adults can join various support groups conduct different activities.

One of its support groups is the Book Group where members read and discuss books. The organization, however, recommends completing the Living with Loss Group first. This support group provides education and emotional support to individuals.

Crafting Memories, meanwhile, is a monthly support group that promotes healthy memory work using the artistic practice. For parents who lost a baby due to complications in pregnancy, childbirth, or infancy, they can join the Forget Me Not group.

Men coping with the death of a spouse can join Good Grief Guys, which holds monthly breakfast. For women who experience the same grief, Good Grief Gals holds a monthly tea.

The Center for Hospice Care also holds memorial services every December to remember all the departed loved ones.

A Team of Compassionate Professionals and Volunteers

The Center for Hospice Care says that some of its professionals and volunteers have also experienced loss. That is why they know how hard it is to move forward, but they managed to pull through because of the support from the people who cared for them.

The organization has licensed counselors and therapist who have helped and educated numerous individuals to get through the grieving process. They offer different methods to overcome sadness not only for adults but also for children and teens.

About the Center for Hospice Care

The Center for Hospice Care is a not-for-profit organization in Indiana that improves the quality of life of patients and families facing advanced, serious, and life-limiting illnesses. It provides hospice, grief counseling, home health, and community education.

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