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LEBANON, September, 2018 – It is one thing to purchase artwork for your home and quite another to purchase a collection of original specially curated art to compliment your home décor accentuating your style and personality. Wall art does not just endow your soul with inspiration, it adorns your walls with light, color, and texture to express your aesthetic just the way you like it and bring some life into your home. This is why selecting pieces of wall art that resonate with your home décor as much as they do with your personality is of the essence.

Dora Antoun, a renowned artist and the leading online art store, dedicated to offering clients a memorable artwork discovery experience, has today expanded its collection to include a bold new line of canvas artwork specifically for home decoration. Known for her deep love for Mother Nature through painting, Dora is a contemporary yet refined artist whose artistic expression the world has received with open arms.

No house is ever complete without amazing artwork on its walls. Dora brings to your home exclusive works of art from her very own original collection. These pieces are intended to speak straight to your heart. We very well understand what is best for the home and what goes to other spaces. And because wall art is an altogether broad category, her collection comes in to complement what you already have. If you are just starting out though, she will help you set the precedence for other décor elements that will land in your home after.

Artwork to complement every style and personality

Top quality artwork to suite different tastes and styles while keeping your personal space original, natural, trendy, and full of life. This exclusive collection will give clients an unprecedented access to Dora’s treasured pieces of art including canvas oil paintings and art prints within the impressionism and abstract genres.

Personalized finishing

Dora Antoun is not only about art, she cares for its finishing too. With the help of skilled craftsmen, orders are assembled with the finest finishing materials such as canvas, wooden mounts, frames, and more. It goes beyond simply housing your selected wall art. It is about giving these vivid prints the kind of finish that is right for you and your abode.

Getting it right for you

Sometimes browsing through loads of artwork to get the prefect choice can be a little tasking. This is where she comes in. With a wide variety of styles, genres, and subjects of artwork available to you, you will also get assistance skimming through to make right selection to meet your very specific needs. “What we truly care for is getting the art that is right for you because your home needs a personality too” says Dora.

Getting it to you

Adorn your home with Dora’s immediately recognizable artwork and share in her inspiration and love for the nature and the canvas. To explore Dora Antoun’s collection firsthand, visit, make your selection, and place an order online. Here, there is a whole world of art waiting for you to explore.

Dora Antoun

An impressionist artist hailing from Zgharta, North of Lebanon, Dora Antoun is inspired by French artists like Monet and Renoir of the nineteenth century who are known to have pioneered impressionism art. She expresses her love for nature through impressionism but is not afraid to explore abstract art. Her paintings can be described as deep into the natural, in motion, loaded with varying emotion, and still very inspiring. They all speak the language of light and color. Stick with her and she’ll lead your closer to her heart because beyond the inspiration in her painting, she also cares that you get a feel of who she really is.