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The Great Gatsby is a wonderful theme to enjoy your party. However, many find it difficult to hire the Great Gatsby dancers as it is a yester year dancing style and only a few dancers can actually perform that style. But you can simply contact Swing Patrol for the Great Gatsby dancers as Swing Patrol is a dancing community that is dedicated to popularize the yesteryear dancing styles and have many aspirants who have been practicing great Gatsby and can offer a stellar performance at your party. The swing patrol encourages all those who would like to learn dance and especially the 1940’s style like the Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Solo Jazz etc to the energetic band music of that era. They have dancers who can perform to a variety of dancing themes like Blitz, Great Gatsby or Gangster that offers a unique entertainment in the parties and is right now the latest craze for everyone to choose these themes for their party entertainment. In case you are interested in the Great Gatsby party entertainment you can hire the dancers from Swing Patrol who are ready to perform at your corporate events, parties, wedding occasions, festivals and other events adding fun and entertainment with their high energetic dances to the infectious music that would surely make every one shake their legs on the dance floor.

You can check out for the packages being offered by swing patrol to hire the Great Gatsby dancers. If you choose the grand slam package everything is taken care by Swing Patrol while you can relax and enjoy the party with your guests. They help you right from choosing the best venue and music bands, DJ’s, hair and make-up artist for the vintage touch, bar, photo booth, MC services etc. The mood dancers from the dancing community shall fill in the floors and you can find them offering wonderful performance to entertain your guests. The dancers encourage the guests to transform into the vintage style and offer one or two dancing lessons so that they too can participate on the dance floor. The Swing Patrol team also conduct small competitions to entertain the guests and show their dancing skills on the floor. All the performances shall be strictly to the vintage tunes and you can surely enjoy the Great Gatsby entertainment in your party leaving lasting impression on your guests.

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