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Feldman & Lee PS is a Washington-based law firm that provides legal services to help individuals protect their rights and interests during the dissolution of a marriage.

[LYNNWOOD, 09/07/2018] — Feldman & Lee PS assists clients throughout the tedious process of divorce while protecting their rights, interests, and their children. Over the years, the law firm has handled numerous divorce cases, which involve the division of property, custody and support determinations, domestic abuse, and alimony.

As dependable divorce lawyers, they provide compassionate guidance and aggressive advocacy to help clients face the financial and emotional struggles of divorce.

Reliable Assistance during a Divorce

Washington is a no-fault divorce state. It means that both parties do not have to prove who is at fault to obtain a divorce. Some issues, however, may still complicate matters along the way.

Feldman & Lee PS protects the rights of clients in any divorce cases whether they are contested or uncontested. A contested divorce means one party disagrees with certain matters related to their children, properties, or others. Uncontested is where both parties agree with the divorce.

Furthermore, divorce lawyers at Feldman & Lee PS also serve clients’ interest when it comes to negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. They have the experience in temporary orders regarding the use and possession of a property, along with temporary child custody and support order.

The firm also has expertise in post-judgment modifications of support or custody orders and post-judgment actions for the enforcement of custody or spousal and child support.

Security and Protection after Divorce

Feldman & Lee PS divorce lawyers could help clients obtain child support and custody even after the final divorce. They understand how important the welfare of the children to the clients.

Moreover, the firm also has the experience in handling property divisions that involve the valuation of stocks, real estate property, business assets, or distribution of marital debts.

As a community property state, Washington has the right to acquire properties accumulated during the marriage. It means that marital properties will be deemed community property and both parties shall receive equal shares.

The law firm says, “Regardless of the specifics of your case, our firm understands the challenges that you face and will protect your rights, interests and your children.”

About Feldman & Lee PS

Feldman & Lee PS is a Washington law firm that specializes in criminal, personal injury, and family law. The firm’s experienced attorneys handle different legal cases with a personal approach. Its lawyers work closely with clients to give them a pleasant experience with the best possible outcomes.

Feldman & Lee PS has offices in Lynnwood, Kent, and Marysville. For inquiries, visit today.