Evamgelos Marinakis Initiates Fund, Dedicate to Victims of Wildfire in Greece

Athens, Greece – 7 September 2018 – Mr. Evangelos Marinakis, the owner of Nottingham Forest, and Olympiacos FC donated 1 million euros to help relieve those, who suffered from the wildfires in Greece. He established the fund, dedicated to the financial support to victims of the affected area in Attika, and so, enabling other people to join his initiative and donate, using three separate accounts in different banks (Piraeus Bank, National Bank of Greece and Alpha Bank).
There’s no question that wildfire is one of the most dreadful natural disasters that are specific for the dense forest regions. One of these wild-scale disasters happened this year in Greece, while taking 75 lives, injuring 164 adults and 23 children. It left thousands of people without homes. The tragedy had two initial fires, which began to the west of Athens near the town of Kineta and to the north-east near the port of Rafina. Both fires were fanned by gale-force winds. All the efforts of firefighting services were ineffective. Being chased by fire, smoke and burning-hot air, hundreds of people have left their houses to survive on the beaches as well as sea, being evacuated by boat late at night. Some of these people died, being burned or drowned.
This tragedy was particularly hard for Greece, despite the fact that this country endures wildfires every year. Financial assistance that comes from the part of government is insufficient and could hardly cover the immense damage that was caused as to people as to landscape. This is why, such funds just like that which is founded by Evamgelos Marinakis, are of great importance for the victims of wildfire, enabling them to recover their health and return to normal life.
The good will gesture, exposed by Evamgelos Marinakis and Olympiacos, is an excellent example for fans of both football clubs, Nottingham Forest and Olympiacos, motivating them to be companionate to the grief of others, and particularly, victims of wildfire that happened this year in Greece.
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