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Baking delectable desserts without using eggs is an adventure in itself. Many people who strictly abide by the vegetarian norms and avoid even poultry products, desserts with eggs are luscious offer for them hard to avoid. The Academy of Pastry Arts proudly announces creative classes for food enthusiasts and young bakers to learn the ways to bake delicious desserts without using any eggs. The interactive classes will include detailed lessons of the master skills to bake desserts without eggs under the guidance of expert master chefs of the Academy of Pastry Arts. The eagerly awaited classes will be held on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of October at the Academy of Pastry Arts, at their Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore campuses. The leading pastry arts institution is offering these classes at just 30,000 Rupees.

Students will learn world-famous desserts recipes including brioche cinnamon rolls, raspberry pistachio tarts, strawberry and vanilla cake, mango baked cheesecake, chocolate walnut brownie, banana, and oats crumble cake, chocolate walnut cookies, swiss roll, and macaroons & chocolate caramel ganache from the master chefs in the three days hands-on training session. Students will also be taught how to prepare popular icings and crèmes that accompany the desserts listed.

Speaking about the event Chef Niklesh Sharma, Co-Founder & Executive Pastry Chef, Academy of Pastry Arts says, “We want people to learn how to bake delicious desserts without using eggs. As many Indians are vegetarians this often means that they abstain from eating desserts made using eggs, however delicious they may be. We want to allow every person to enjoy scrumptious baked desserts and we believe that teaching others how to make such desserts without using eggs is one way to do so. I know that students who participate in our classes will gain expertise in the baking skills and the art of baking desserts without using eggs will receive great acknowledgment and wide appreciation.”

Mr. Sharma further adds, “Indians are among the biggest food lovers in the world, I believe that teaching others how to master making western desserts keeping health quotients and toothsome taste at the epitome will take the pastry arts several notches high at the international standard.”

About the Academy of Pastry Arts:
The Academy of Pastry Arts is a group of international Culinary & Pastry schools with a presence in 5 major cities across Asia. It offers various full-time, part-time and intensive courses along with master classes by renowned international chefs in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts. The Academy has a vision of building a platform of international repute for aspiring professionals in the culinary and pastry arts profession. Having trained and groomed students for over 7 years, the Academy takes pride in having nurtured students to become excellent chefs in the hospitality industry and in helping young entrepreneurs build their own teaching academies.