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Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic 1068HA96-34VA-00 men’s watches are designed for the divers, helps in emergencies and keeps you safe when you are deep inside the sea. It is a watch used by most free divers. So it is also fit for saturation diving and hence o need to carry separate watches for it. A 1000meter water resistant, it gives an accuracy of -20 to+40 seconds. The workhorses borrowed from Seiko is also present in some watches double the price of this. The navy blue dial gives the feel of the ocean depth and makes it a signature of love for oceans if you are wearing it. The case material is stainless steel waterproof, automatic movement and analog dial. The dial shows the day date and the helium pressure levels and safety markers. The hour markers and the hands are luminous. The stunner is capable to take you down three to five times deeper underwater than most diving watches. The bezel is a timer, which tells you and keeps the time accordingly to keep a track on your activities for which you have set the timer. In addition, an alarm tells you the depletion of oxygen supply.

The true beauty of Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic 1068HA96-34VA-00 men’s watches, lies in the fact that when the wearer decides to change from the diver’s suit to a business suit it will carry off both duties with full responsibility and style. Signature watches which gives you a signature style and label you as the lover of the depths.

Ratio II Free Diver Helium-Safe 1000M Automatic 1068HA96-34VA-00 men’s watches, do the job of any other analog div watch and more. Other substantial diver watches that have 1000-meter diving depths are much more expensive than this one. This one has the Helium release mechanism too. When the helium pressure gets too much underwater, the glass gets broken indicating helium release and the risk of too much pressure. Helium is a component of the breathing gas inside the submersible vehicles. Helium atoms pass through the O-rings and gaskets and accumulate inside. The pressure inside the submersible is higher compared to normal atmospheric pressure at sea level, so as you pull up, pressure diminishes but not within the watchcase so fast. The process of adjusting to the diminishing pressure is decompression; if faulty, it is bad for the watch. With Helium replacing nitrogen, humans escaped the decompression fatalities.

Therefore, any sensible diver will keep the sensible Ratio II Free Diver Professional 200M Sapphire Quartz Men’s Watch, with him along with other diving devices and tools. Not to tell that the responsibility it takes like a loyal partner in crime. For under waters what counts is a reliable friend and not designer style.

Bottom line: A diver’s watch that is helium safe. Hence gives the diver to fully support the sport and be very carefree. It helps release the pressure created underwater by helium gas and hence helps the diver tension free as it indicates the pressure. A Ratio Watches Online to vouch for, an expert make from the expert watchmakers.