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For years now, mugs, t-shirts and sublimation based consumables have dominated the personalized gifting industry in India. But as the emotion of surprise is a big factor in gifting, public demand is fresh and the unseen. That is where personalized lamps have emerged as the new best seller in unique gifting for India.

Having gained tremendous response as personalized gifts in
Ahmedabad, the pioneers of the product, Zoci Voci have taken the idea
nationwide through retail exhibitions and online gifting. The rotating
personalized cube lamps have received great love from the buyers of
personalized gifts in Pune and Bengaluru. Personalized gifting in
Mumbai and Hyderabad have also been dominated by the idea of
photo lamp.

Having your photos and memories radiating through a beautiful night
lamp has attracted one and all. Though the idea has dominated the
anniversary gifts for husband and wife, men in Bangalore have loved
this as birthday gift for their wife.

Not only in south, but a number of buyers opted for a photo lamp as
the final choice for a personalized lamp in Delhi. These are special gifts
for any occasion. Especially as a wedding gift, a collection of the
couple’s pre wedding photos conserved in a bed side personalized lamp
looks stunning.

These unique gifts in Ahmedabad have generated a crazy following. Be
it the table top designs, wall lamps, hanging chandeliers or rotating
lamps, people have accepted this as the new special gift in
Ahmedabad. The idea not only wins on its fresh value, but has a utility
edge to it. The recipients of this unique gift in India, don’t only get
surprised by its beauty, but also love to use it as a bed side lamp every
night ahead.

With the new speaker based night lamp designs and sequential timer
based lamps, personalized lamps in India, promise to dominate the
personalized gifting industry in India.

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