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Tooth loss is a severe oral problem and should not be taken nonchalantly. Since teeth are structured to function as a whole, losing any can seriously compromise a person’s eating and speaking ability.

[Garforth, 06/09/2018] – What many people fail to realise about the loss of a tooth is that it can have a negative impact on the rest of their oral health. Missing teeth that are not replaced can lead to bone deterioration in the jawbone as well as the movement and potential loss of healthy teeth.

Natural teeth are securely attached into the jawbone by their natural tooth roots. The latter are attached firmly to the jawbone and keep teeth stable when chewing. Unlike other tooth replacement options, Enhancedental dental implants are the most effective method for preventing bone loss in the jaw. This is because Enhancedental dental implants preserve and stimulate natural bone renewal, actually encouraging bone growth.

The problem with bone loss

One or several missing teeth can cause many oral health problems in the long-run. This is because as soon as teeth are removed, bone tissue in the jawbone will not be stimulated anymore. The jawbone requires constant stimulation through chewing in order to retain its shape and density. Receding bone can affect the surrounding teeth if left untreated as healthy teeth depend on each other for extra support. Eventually, without tooth roots, teeth next to the gap become looser and the problem spreads quickly.

Enhancedental dental implants and bone loss

Enhancedental dental implants are very small titanium posts that are surgically fixed into the jawbone. Essentially, Enhancedental dental implants act as artificial root structures helping to secure the foundation of the jawbone. Enhancedental dental implants can be topped with a dental crown, bridge or denture depending on the number of missing teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, Enhancedental dental implants allow for a sturdier oral foundation.

Because titanium naturally fuses with the jawbone, Enhancedental dental implants can prevent the bone from deteriorating and will also help keep the face structure from receding. Enhancedental dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and with proper daily oral hygiene, they could last for many years.