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1. Proximity

Everything starts with location of the property. A business traveller prefers to be close to the meeting venues so as to save the time which is otherwise wasted in daily travel.

2. Choice and cost

It is a common notion that business travellers spend heavily. While some people may not be aware, but business traveller do care about how much their company is willing to pay. They also care a lot about their accommodation choices. Comparing and searching for best hotel offers for b2b takes a lot of time unless you choose a corporate hotel booking portal. Portals that are specially focussed on corporate bookings like come with knowledgeable support staff with a deep understanding of hotels. The website itself enables you to search hotels anywhere in the world and compare the available rates on various booking portals so as to make sure you get the best price every time. Opting for an online hotel booking engine for corporates enables you to find the best hotel that sticks to the travel policy of client and at the same time meet his particular needs.

3. Food and drink

Breakfast is the most important meal for a business traveller and no one wants to waste the valuable morning hours looking for a coffee. While it is important for the hotel to have an in house restaurant, many hotels go the extra mile to offer in room breakfast options and granola bars in the mini bar.

4. Productivity

A business travellers is always on the move, they expect the hotel room to also act as a mobile office. Hence, a reliable Wi-Fi connection and a comfortable working desk are an absolute must. Many hotels have also provided working stations in the lobby to let the guest work in communal environment.

5. Personalized experience

Every travellers may come up with his own set of needs that may be absolutely unique in comparison to another guest. Hence, at the end, everything comes down to a dedicated and personalised service. Many hotels are often willing the meet the special needs and requests of a traveller and also encourage traveller to mention those while they make their reservations.