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(September 4, 2018): DoYourData Super Eraser is a highly powerful data erasure software that can be used for wiping off all kinds of data before a hard drive or a computer is sold to others. The software application offers fast, easy and highly secure data erasing solutions to individuals and companies looking to erase data permanently from hard drives, PCs, RAIDs, USB drives, Servers, memory cards, SD cards, digital cameras, external hard drives and other kinds of storage systems. DoYourData Super Eraser can erase and destroy different types of selected data permanently, thus leaving no trace of them at all. This means that once this program is used; there are no chances for data recovery at all without adversely affecting the overall service life of that device.

Using the DoYourData Super Eraser program is easy as one does not need much technical expertise to benefit from it. Once installed, the program can be used for conveniently erase selective files or bulk loads of data in a short time. DoYourData Super Eraser is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. They can also be used to erase data from systems using other types of operating systems. Such user friendliness and versatility makes it one of the most widely used data erasure programs in the world. Anyone wondering how to permanently erase all data before selling Windows/Mac or other digital device should definitely use DoYourData Super Eraser for the best results.

Unlike some of the other data erasure programs that can be used for only erasing data from hard drives that are working perfectly, DoYourData Super Eraser can also be used for removing data even from different types of crashed hard drives and inaccessible devices. The types of files that can be deleted with the help of DoYourData Super Eraser include documents, photos, audios, videos, databases, emails, archives and others. DoYourData Super Eraser also comes with safety features which help to avoid loss of data accidentally. The program will never delete the data unless it is asked to do so. This makes it a perfect tool for deleting unwanted data while keeping important files perfectly secure.

DoYourData Super Eraser is also perfect for being used in cases when anyone is looking to sell, donate, giveaway or throw away the device. It can be used before one is looking to lend the device to anyone else or even send the device for getting repaired. The optimum security features of DoYourData Super Eraser protect the device itself from getting damaged by any means. Purchasing the software also comes with the added advantage of offering easy access to free lifetime upgrades and lifetime technical support that can help to take care of any kind of technical glitches. Such features make DoYourData Super Eraser ideal for any kind of data erasing requirements.

About DoYourData Super Eraser:
DoYourData Super Eraser is a one of a kind data removal software that can be used for removing any kind of data from a storage device with 100% efficiency. The program is also quite user friendly and can be used by literally anyone.

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