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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (September 06, 2018) – Lured by the growth in the real estate and property market in India, UAE-based multinational Al Badie Group is interested to form a partnership with local developers.

“India is an important market for us. We are looking at the market very closely. We will prefer to go for a joint venture partnership with a local player, which has enough expertise, to enter into the market,” Khaled Al Badie, CEO and vice-president of the ABG said.

This move is a part of the Al Badie family business’ efforts to expand in the Southeast Asian market. In India, they are likely to get support from the UAE-based banks having Indian operations.
About Al Badie Group:

Set up in 1967 the Al Badie Group has played a significant part in the growth and development of the UAE over the years both in terms of generating investments and creating an environment for others to invest. The group has forayed into all important segments of the economy and has made a mark for herself. The Al Badie family is one among the very few families in the country who have taken part in the day to day development of the country right from its inception.

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