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WALK-WINN helps boat enthusiasts take care of their most prized possessions by manufacturing customizable covers. They carry high-quality products that provide excellent protection for boats.

[LITTLE ROCK, 09/05/2018] – One of the leading boat cover manufacturers in the country, WALK-WINN helps owners gain some peace of mind while storing their boats. The company designs and manufactures high-quality boat covers.

Making Maintenance Easy and Affordable

WALK-WINN’s boat covers provide the solutions most boat owners need without increasing the cost of maintenance or ownership.

For example, water is one of the worst enemies of boats when there are being stored. Left uncovered, the boat can accumulate moisture, which increases the risk of mold and mildew growth. Not only do these leave a foul smell; they can also cause the gradual deterioration of the boat.

WALK-WINN produces boat covers that are both durable and water repellent. Each of these covers also features an elastic cord at the bottom hem. The full-length cords allow owners to cover the boats completely, leaving little to no space for water to enter.

Furthermore, the covers include tie-down straps for security and quick release. Boat owners can keep the cover inside the storage bag when it’s not in use.

Customized to Meet Customers’ Needs

WALK-WINN already has some boat covers available for sale, but because water vessels come in different sizes and shapes, the company also specializes in custom design. Boat owners can send their measurements via email and the team will take care of the rest.

Boat owners can also choose their preferred colors. Some of the options include navy blue, burgundy, green, black, and red.

The Growth of Boating

Boating remains one of the most popular activities in the United States. According to Statista, at least 87 million adults use their boats either for sport fishing or traveling.

The demand for boats has also been high. In 2016 alone, the total revenues reached almost $4 billion.

Investing in custom boat covers can help the owners save on maintenance costs while increasing the value of their investment.


WALK-WINN has been manufacturing covers in Arkansas since the 1970s. The company sells custom and premade designs for boats, ATVs, RVs, cars, and motorcycles. It is committed to providing unparalleled craftsmanship and quality without the high price.

WALK-WINN also accepts bulk orders for custom covers fit for a fleet. Interested boat enthusiasts may visit to see the designs or request a quote.