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Whatever style of wedding gown you choose, your jewellery accessories should match. You may want to wear a traditional white dress. If so, then you need classic accessories to accent it. If your dress is more modern, then you need some daring, exciting jewellery accessories or hair dressings to compliment your gown. Now, be careful not to overemphasize your dress with your accessories. These accessories can include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories (combs, tiaras, hair pins, hair bands, etc.). Wearing a veil is optional depending on your hairdo and hair jewellery. If you wear one, make sure the veil flows nicely with your other wedding hair accessories and your dress. Let’s not forget your shoes. The wrong shoe can ruin the entire look of your wedding attire. Your gown and your shoes need to be exactly the same color. If the shoe is a cloth style, then matte satin or silk are good choices because the lighting will not make these materials appear to change color. It is so important that they match the gown.

These modern bridal hair combs are made up of diamonds and pearls and they are very precious. Each tiara costs millions and Queen Elizabeth II is supposed to possess the most precious and valuable tiara collection in the world. Wedding tiaras too are quite common and they form an integral part of the wedding hair accessories attire. Women who cannot afford costly bridal tiaras usually get them done by semi-precious stones. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other colored stones are used in plenty and decorative tiaras are manufactured. They cost much less but add a lot of beauty to the women wearing it.

These head ornaments suit all kinds of head pieces and they can be bought according to the hair style of the woman.

Simple wedding hair tiara are now out of fashion and many women wish to possess modern tiaras that come in all shapes. Though many tiaras are full of arches, some of them have sprays and waves. They bring a touch of elegance to the headpiece and the wearer looks dazzling. More than ordinary tiaras, wedding tiaras are very popular and they make the bride look dashing. If you wish to get your tiara designed, then jewelers can do that for you. Get a unique bridal tiara and make heads turn!

Discuss your ideas with your hairdresser, they know your hair and what will work well. If possible do have a trial run, with your accessories at least once before your wedding day too.