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MS Webb & Co. offers assistance in cases that involve forfeiture of lease and repossession of commercial property.

[CROYDON, 04/09/2018] – MS Webb & Co., a bailiff and security consultancy company in South London, provides legal assistance to clients in need of services in commercial lease forfeiture of unlawful tenants. They ensure that clients either achieve a successful resolution with their tenants or undertake the necessary repossession of their commercial property.

Forfeiture of Lease

MS Webb & Co. provides repossession services to legally take back a client’s commercial property from a tenant who has breached their contract. Whether due to property damage or non-payment of rent, clients can forfeit the lease if they are unable to resolve matters with the tenant. Possible commercial properties include shops, buildings and complexes.

MS Webb & Co. utilises its network of bailiffs and agents to facilitate the repossession process. The service includes changing locks, posting notices, documenting property, performing inventory counts, and securing premises. MS Webb & Co. operates within legal parameters at all times, ensuring a peaceable and reasonable process.

Possession of Property Services

MS Webb & Co. provides other services to help legal repossession or securing of commercial property, including:

• Eviction of travellers

• Eviction of illegal squatters

• Removal of horses and livestock

Illegal and unlawful occupants can cause damage to property, leading to unwanted costs in clean-up, repair and maintenance. MS Webb & Co. handles all the necessary steps of the eviction process, including notification of occupants, procurement of Court Orders, coordination with local authorities and enactment of security measures.

About MS Webb & Co.

MS Webb & Co. offers bailiff and security services for private and commercial clients. It is a highly professional and efficient consultancy company with over 25 years of experience in case resolution and law enforcement. They provide services ranging from property repossession, security, tracing and location, arrears recovery and clearance. They are based in Croydon, South London. They also have offices in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

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