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“Higher shelf life and good load performance is driving the growth of nickel cadmium market.”

According to the OMR analysis, the global nickel cadmium market is growing at a significant rate during 2018-2023. The global nickel cadmium market has witnessed a significant growth owing to rising demand for portable devices. The global nickel cadmium market is segmented on the basis of application, type and geography. The report provides detailed and insightful chapters on market overview, key findings, strategic recommendations, market estimations, market determinants, key company analysis, market insights, company profiling, market segmentation, geographical analysis and analyst insights.

Full report of global nickel cadmium market is available at: Global Nickel Cadmium Battery Market

“Higher shelf life and good load performance are crucial determinants while choosing batteries. NiCd batteries are more temperature tolerant, as they are operational both in hotter and colder climates than the other rechargeable batteries. NiCd batteries also have a longer shelf life and cycle life than the newer technologies which makes them a more preferable option compared to other batteries. The shelf life for nicad batteries is 36 months, according to Panasonic. NiCd batteries that last 18 months, normally require many charge/discharge cycles to get it to perform at 80% capacity. NiCd cell offers the best cost/performance value of any rechargeable battery. It is a mature technology that is being produced in large volumes by many different manufacturers. The high shelf life of the battery increases the demand for such batteries and hence propels the growth of the market.”

The market on the basis of geography is divided among four major regions – North America, APAC, Europe, and Rest of the world. Asia Pacific is one of the major markets for NiCd batteries due to cohesive government policies for the use of cadmium and the growing electronics industry of this region. North America will witness a gradual growth due to the compensation and very strict norms, rules and regulations use of batteries. European region may experience stagnant growth following the prohibition of the placing portable batteries and accumulators on the market, including those integrated into appliances, that contain more than 0.002% of cadmium by weight effective 31 December 2016.

The report covers:
Comprehensive research methodology of Global Nickel-Cadmium Market.
This report also includes detailed and extensive market overview with Analyst insights & key market trends.
Exhaustive analysis of macro and micro factors influencing the market guided by key recommendations.
Analysis of regional regulations and other government policies impacting the Global Nickel-Cadmium Market.
Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the Global Nickel-Cadmium Market.
Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues.
Extensive profiles and recent developments of market players.

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