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Novelli provides eye-catching and brand-focused displays to help clients effectively promote their business.

[TAKAPUNA, 03/09/2018] – Novelli offers numerous branded merchandise options and strategies to help businesses promote their brand. The promotional branding agency provides a comprehensive range of custom point of sale (POS) displays and signs, all tailored to meet client needs.

Captivating, Eye-Catching Custom Branded Displays

Novelli believes in the power of branded display signs as a promotional tool. The agency focuses on crafting eye-catching and visually appealing POS displays and signage, with the aim to effectively imprint their clients’ brand image onto the public consciousness. Their signs can be placed in a variety of different locations, such as stores, mall aisles, roadsides and retail conventions.

Novelli’s branded displays include inflatable mascots, giant branded bean bags, as well as decals for floors, tables and windows.

Novelli tailors their services to meet the specific goals of their clients. They ensure that the client is informed and included at every step of the process.

Cutting-edge Campaigns for Established Brands

Novelli has worked with numerous high-profile brands and corporations, such as McDonald’s, Blundstone, Makita and the charitable organisation Cure Kids. With cutting-edge promotional campaigns, Novelli was able to boost the sales and brand awareness of all four companies.

For Cure Kids, Novelli produced eye-catching POS and countertop displays, along with promotional branded merchandise, for their 2016 Red Nose Day annual campaign.

Novelli also took charge of the logistical process, developing an online ordering system for retailers as well as warehousing and distributing twenty SKUs to over 600 partners. With Novelli’s help, Cure Kids was able to raise $870,000 to fund their medical research for children.

Other Services

Apart from POS displays and signage, Novelli also produces promotional branded merchandise, corporate gifts and blank apparel.

About Novelli

Novelli is one of the leading promotional agencies in New Zealand. The family-run business delivers branded merchandise and displays and bespoke promotional strategies that meet a wide range of client needs. With their campaigns and merchandise, Novelli strives to innovate and push the industry forward.

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