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To streamline the work of estate agents, Conveyancing Supermarket offers an intuitive software program that allows fast and efficient transactions with prospective clients.

[RADCLIFFE, 03/09/2018] – Conveyancing Supermarket, an online tool for comparing various conveyancing quotes, offers a comprehensive software program specifically for estate agents. The software features various tools that help them connect with prospective clients.

Conveyancing Supermarket’s Estate Agent Tools

Estate agents now have access to a national coverage of Property Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers through Conveyancing Supermarket’s software tools. The tools can be integrated into the estate agent’s website, enables easy communication with clients from the office or at home. The tool allows estate agents to display a panel of solicitors and let clients choose from the selection according to their location, lender and pricing preferences.

Features and Advantages of the Estate Agent’s Tool

Conveyancing Supermarket’s online tool for estate agents features intuitive software equipped with a search filter. The results are sourced from the UK’s list of Property Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers.

The tool also provides a list of lender-approved conveyancers to eliminate the need for a mortgage market review. The 24-hour express search feature allows fast-track completions, making the work easier both for the estate agent and the client.

One of the most popular features of the tool is the instant quote generation. Clients can obtain fully itemised quotes free of hidden charges, with each quote tracked and monitored by a unique licence. Clients will receive a confirmation e-mail once a solicitor has accepted an instruction to discuss the quote.

About Conveyancing Supermarket

For comparing conveyancing quotes instantly, Conveyancing Supermarket offers a comprehensive online tool that covers an extensive database from England and Wales’s Licensed Conveyancers and Property Lawyers. Conveyancing Supermarket’s online tools are free and easy to use aiming to help people make informed decisions on conveyancing fees. Users can immediately book a call from their chosen conveyancer or solicitor to discuss the quote.

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