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O.G Divad Sets to Release New Single Titled
Talented female American rapper, singer and songwriter sets to release new single titled “Warning” on September 14th, 2018. Countdown begins…

O.G Divad who has established herself as one of the true positive leaders and motivational female rappers of the American sets to release a record breaker single. Her incredible upbeat attitude, motivational songs and positive energy combine to make her one of the sought after female rapper, singer and songwriter in the business today.

Having picked up numerous recognitions as one of the fast rising stars of the industry, the Malakoff raised rapper ‘O.G Divad’ sets to break all the records with her new single ‘Warning’ a fully embellished production with high quality lyrics, captivating flow and sound, the single shows why O.G Divad has become well known for her heavy vocal driven hip pop sound which is infused with amazing beats.

“Warning” portrays a catchy lyric, delicious beat that will lead you right to the dance floor and put you in a comfort zone. This single is a plus to the much needed playlists that has suffered in recent years with great vocals moments throughout, how fascinating it is.

The multi-talented female rapper announced on her instagram and facebook earlier on about her new single “Warning” which is currently available for pre-save on spotify. This new song shows O.G Divad venturing into new territory and has a fun, playful, catchy and cool sound all put together.

With what has been heard so far, the song is shaping up brilliantly, rather than an attention grab or mainstream pull. O.G Divad seemed to have put all her truest ideas into creating the song “Warning” This new single is a go-to for all lovers of good music.

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