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Fine benefits of the metal begins with the pure silver that is 99.9% is made into sterling silver by mixing 7.5% of copper, steel or iron. This alloy combination retains the shape of the jewelry. Besides it allows maintaining the integrity and is also less expensive. Thus the silver purity is watered down to improve strength and it includes less expensive metals.

The first thing to consider is to ensure that the earrings are made from top quality.925 sterling silver. Look on the earring, you should see a stamp like “.925”, “sterling”, or “ster”. While most of the silver jewelry coming out of China is cheaper than that made in the U.S. and other countries, it is loaded with lead. As lead can migrate from the jewelry piece into your skin and from there to your blood stream, and be a possible source of lead poisoning, you would be wise to stay away from this potential risk just to save a few dollars.

While silver is certainly not as expensive as gold or platinum, silver is still considered one of the precious metals, and as such 925 sterling silver earrings are relatively expensive. Look for ones that have classic style, ones that are not the latest fad design. Personally, I look for ones that are relatively common place and of a certain uniform size and shape that not only compliment my appearance but that can also be worn with many different outfits. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost one of the pair, but have purchased a new pair exactly like the first pair thus in effect giving me two new pairs. These classic ball shaped earrings have remained in style year after year with no end in sight.

The big help when buying silver jewellery online is being able to buy with a credit card. In the UK, the buyer gets a lot of protection when buying with a credit card (as opposed to a debit card). If the online shop fails to supply the goods or the goods are incomplete or not as described, if the retailer does not give you satisfaction you can go to your credit card provider and they can dispute the charge. If you time it right, you can also buy the goods on your card and not end up paying for it until after they have actually arrived with you.

When it comes to buying silver jewellery online, you must make sure that it is actually 925 sterling silver – this shows that it is 92.5% silver and 7.25% alloy, normally copper – and not a base metal that has been silver plated. It should be obvious, but disappointingly there are websites that go out of their way to imply they are selling sterling silver when in fact it is not. The site should make it clear throughout all its products that they are in fact 925 sterling silver. Any such item must have a hallmark, the number ‘925’ imprinted on it. If it is not stated, then contact the site via phone or email to check. If they haven’t given their telephone and email contact details, you won’t even be searching on their site, hopefully, thanks to the advice given previously! offers many fashion 925 sterling silver jewelry,here you will find 925 sterling silver rings(,sterling silver earrings and bracelet