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New Delhi, 1st September 1, 2018 : On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Janmashtami program will be organized at Stein Auditorium IHC located at Delhi Lodhi Road New Delhi. The program starts at 4 pm on the 4th of September. In this program, Kanhaiya’s natkhat Ras Leela will be seen.

First of all, this program will show Krishna Leela by Veena C Seshadri, which will show a presentation from Bharatnatyam dance. Inviting Lord Krishna’s every act and word of glory, who do the highest propaganda for humanity, excellent love, knowledge and wisdom. Janmashtami shows an interim presentation through Bharatanatyam, interprets and interprets various aspects which enhance the metaphor of the divine.
After this program, there will be wreath in which the raga
Raga-Mishra telling rhythm will be presented.
The name of Pushpanjali reveals that our hand (Anjali) is offering flowers (Pushpa) in the form of a humble greeting for that supreme energy which everything in the world happens. Dancer composed by Veena C Seshadri This inventor gives Manasa Pushpa, created by divine meditation energy. The literature of this Pushpanjali is on the Natya Vedas, such as the text of Rig Veda, melody from Sam Veda, acting from Yajur and as the Panchma Veda by the aesthetics of dance with Atharva Veda.
To glorify and glorify the acts and words of Lord Krishna who make supreme publicity for the highest love, knowledge and wisdom for humanity. In it, as a complete embodiment of Lord Krishna and his Leela will be adapted to the form of Varnam, which reflects the various stories and wonders of the supreme God of Dwaapar Yug.
After this, Madhava will be presented by composer Saint poet Jaydev. Here the hero is Lord Krishna, whom Radha has accused of spending time with another girl. His red sleeping eyes, sleep, which has become dark, lips of the nails on the chest are very clear for all the Radha who feels sad and is very angry with Krishna. Madhav though ..! Get the same hairstyle .. Far away Madhava … away from Keshav.I do not trust your words now. You betrayed me and betrayed you will be presented in this manner.
Devanama will be performed by Yemen Kalyani ji, which is the essence of this popular Devanama, which is the eternal longing of living to be united with God. This dance form takes place in 3 layers of perception and imagination, which begins with the Vatsalya of Mother Devaki and starts with the small Krishna which wants to see and play with them, which Radha waits for a long time eternal loving Krishna, And finally, the lord of the poet, Lord Vaidya, craves for supreme Lord Krishna.
After this program Bhaj Govindam will be the program.
Bhaj Govindam Jagadguru is sung in the form of one of the most popular compositions of Shri Adi Shankaracharya which contains the essence of Vedanta and inspires humans to think who are you, Where have you come from, Why am I collecting wealth, family, but not peace. What is the truth What is the purpose of life? Thus, an attempt to awaken a person to the inner self is called Bhaj Govindam.