Find the right wedding hair accessory for your big day

Keeping your wedding hair accessory allows you to not only reminisce-touching and feeling the textures of that day but it is something that can be shared with others. Although daughters and nieces may not want to wear your dress, as wedding gown styles rapidly change and may appear dated, she might want to borrow your bridal jewelry as it offers additional options for those wanting to incorporate family heritage into their wedding ceremony. Properly storing your wedding hair accessories will allow future generations to enjoy them as well.

Before you store away your bridal accessories, you need to make sure that they are well protected and secure. Only use acid-free tissue paper as it won’t cause your veil or piece to yellow. Also be sure to not use plastic to wrap your piece in as the chemicals in plastic will cause discoloration to fabric and trim over long periods of time.


Headbands provide nice skillfulness and appearance nice with nearly any form of gown.they can be worn traditionally, spanning from one ear to the other or pushed up and worn in the style of a tiara.
These are great for brides who want to wear their hair down but keep hair pushed up off of the face. They even work great for brides wearing updos, as they can be tilted and worn as a bun-wrap.

Bridal Combs

Bridal combs work with nearly any hairstyle. They offer versatility and can be worn on the side of the head or as a miniature tiara.

Hair Pins

Hairpins also offer great versatility. Depending on the size of the piece, brides may choose to wear more than one. Larger pins look great as a focal piece and sets of smaller ones may be dispersed throughout the hair.
Hairpins compliment many bridal hairstyles, be it up or down, casual or formal.

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