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Van Matre Construction, LLC demonstrates its expertise in foundation repair developed for almost two decades. The company’s repair services provide long-term reinforcements for the foundations of Colorado’s homes.

[Lafayette, 08/31/2018] – Over 17 years of addressing foundation problems has exposed Van Matre Construction, LLC to many types of foundation damage common in Colorado due to its expansive soil. In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers has estimated that one-fourth of all homes in the country has sustained and continues to sustain foundation damage because of it.

Van Matre Construction, LLC provides long-term results for Coloradoans by using high-quality materials and designing permanent repair strategies.

Foundation Drains

“Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of property foundation,” the company says on the company’s website. As such, Van Matre Construction, LLC’s drainage and grading services aim to keep moisture away from foundations for good.

The company designs drainage solutions based on the building’s design, construction, and landscaping. Property owners who have no qualms about disturbing the landscaping around their house or building can opt for exterior drains. For those who prefer otherwise, the company offers interior and foundation drains. All three involves the use of superior-quality waterproofing materials and sump pits that pump water away from the foundation.

Helical Piers

Many homes in Colorado are built on loose, expansive soil. The Colorado Geological Survey has warned that damage may materialize on these structures over time. Van Matre Construction, LLC offers a solution to the problem: installing helical piers to reinforce a house’s foundation.

Engineers first determine which areas in the foundation are in danger of shifting or sinking. The helical piers will go beneath or prop up these areas to provide stability and ensure even distribution of weight. The company then uses a high-torque hydraulic motor to screw helical piers to the bedrock.

Van Matre Construction, LLC offers these services to home and property owners in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Broomfield, Westminster, Denver, and Arvada.

About Van Matre Construction, LLC

Van Matre Construction, LLC is a foundation repair expert with offices in Lafayette and Boulder. The company has been fixing foundations for homes and buildings since 2001. Its services include drainage and grading, installation of helical piers, and residential construction and renovations.

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