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Every woman wants to dress in her own style! A design that reflects her personality, attitude and comfort is what one prefers. But most importantly it should be the Perfect Fit! GAIA Bespoke has come up with a unique “Do it Yourself” option that helps women choose from a huge collection of 10,000 unique designs from its website. To further help customers make the perfect choice, the company’s flagship store in Bandra will help customers make the perfect choice with the help of a team of designers and sample dresses.

The unique design tool comprises of necklines, sleeves and silhouettes which can be mixed and matched and graphically created into a complete garment – full with colour options and 360 degree view. The total of 10 silhouettes, 15 necklines and 15 sleeves can churn out a whopping two thousand plus dress design possibilities. With 5 colour options that’s 10000 unique designs from the website!Users can play around with the User Interface till they achieve the design they like. The order can be placed online in standard or custom sizes. It can also be fulfilled via the GAIA Flagship store in Bandra within 7-10 days.

GayatriThampi, Founder, GAIA Bespoke, says, “Shopping today presents a choice paradox, with so many brands and designs thrown at us. The woman of today, wants her personal style to reflect in her fashion. Everyone has a personal sense of style and an idea of what she will feel confident in. GAIA lets clients become a part of the design process by giving them control of what they wear. We give our recommendations, but we don’t judge a customer’s choice, we believe there is no right or wrong in fashion, it is the most subjective thing out there, and we provide a blank canvas to the women of today to look the way she likes.”

She further adds, “With the help of templatized designs, we have sold over 1000 bespoke garments till date, most of which are dresses. It presents a good array of options for our clients to choose from and makes the dress designing process as smooth and quick as one can hope for. The DIY module is very close to our hearts and something we are very proud of – mainly because of how excited our clients are to go through the DIY process with us – it is a real fun way to go about shopping”