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REMANn Co. were established in 2008 in order to solve such social issue. Persons who have same minds in making re-manufactured computers that are reliable and as good as new one established the company jointly. ICT equipment should be disposed safely because it has important information of company or individual person. REMANn want to be “IT regeneration and re-manufacturing social venture” that provides “safe and valuable disposal service”.

REMANn supplies re-manufactured ICT products at low price in the era of information and social network in order for anyone to access and utilize the information easily. REMANn are proud of high technology and service capability for re-manufacturing and IT Asset disposal. We have global network in Asia, Africa, China, USA, etc. We are social enterprise that returns more than 2/3 of its profit to employees and society (Korean law). We aim for the community that all employees live well together.

IT Asset Remarketing

REMANn Co. provide competitive service and procurement value to the customer.
Remarketing service aims to maximize IT asset value of your company and we provide all necessary courses in a lump. REMANn Co. have major distribution companies, dealer and global network for used equipment, and we can maximize asset value with competitive condition through this.

Profit Share
Profit share service is suitable when selling used equipment continuously as in rental company.
If you give us the list of equipment (model name, specification, quantity, etc.) that is collected every month, we provide expected selling price. And after collecting equipment directly, we do previously discussed processes (function test, appearance check, data erasing, etc.), and we provide final asset list to you.
Finally, we proceed domestic or overseas sales through sales network of REMANn and we provide final selling price. This process will be repeated every month and we report it through web system.

Buy-back service is suitable for general company or public institution that sells disused equipment irregularly.
If you give us expected list of IT equipment at the time of IT equipment replacement, we give you purchasing estimate in advance. And then, we provide final asset list and quotation after going through series of processes (collection, test, data erasing, etc.) under the approval of customers.

IT asset remarketing service provider is the service that your company can save cost and time considerably by handling many works occurred at replacement time of Used Computer Parts Components