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Maurimosaic Is the Exclusive Source for All Hand-Made Mosaic Artistic Tiles

World leading tiles manufacturer ‘Maurimosaic’ launches its new hand-made Mosaic artistic tiles such as patio, primero, fiesta, viento and fortuna which is now available for sale across the globe.

One of the most trusted and current mosaic artistic tiles company in the world ‘Maurimosaic’ has been experiencing rapid growth overtime and as well as a notable significant clients base. Maurimosaic intends to always offer the same quality products which the company is been known for. Having adequate knowledge about mosaic artistic tiles is one important factor one should consider when trying to buy a product and when it comes to ensuring fast and accurate delivery service, the appropriate programmed tools is the code upon which Maurimosaic operates.

Tiles have become one of the most popular flooring material or for covering walls and even roofs. Currently the latest craze is Mosaic Tiles which is mostly used for the interiors. Having innovated the modern world of mosaic art, Maurimosaic is the industry-leader in making handcrafted mosaic art available to aesthetes all around Australia and the globe in general.
Maurimosaic offer only the finest in mosaic wall art and custom mosaics; handcrafted with hand-cut marble and glass tessera to bring you unsurpassed quality in mosaic designs and patterns. Whether mosaic art is your hobby or your passion, they have the right mosaic supplies for you.

Maurimosaic are known for the production of hand-made products that are of artistic quality. Each product has an intrinsic characteristic that is peculiar to them. A customization of all products by using hand cut pattern with any combination of colours from their classic Italian colour palette.
With a variety of beautiful shapes, textures, and over 100 colors the possibilities for making a tile unique to you is endless.

This is a great way to integrate your own personal style into the permanent design of your interior. The entire process of the tile is made by hand: cutting the tile, glazing, firing, and layout. This makes each tile unique; the slight variation in the overall design makes for a stunning layout that is both organic and intentional.

Maurimosaic offer custom patterns and designs to their clients. The handmade tile is an expression of your style and personality. They create pieces that go above and beyond your typical tile project. Creating a custom layout will make your special mark on your house, making it feel like a home.

The most innovative materials available are adapted to their unique style of mosaic to facilitate its use in any type of surface, both indoors and outdoors. With a highly creative approach, lateral thinking and a “can do” attitude, Maurimosaic is the best choice to see the customers wildest ideas realized. Their team of experts works day and night to provide its clients the best quality products and a free flow customer service 24/7.

About Maurimosaic

Maurimosaic is a company with more than 15 years’ experience in crafting and designing mosaic art located on the Gold Coast – Australia. They are a dynamic team, united by a passion for mosaic art and design. All of the manufacturing processes are done manually, adhering to the specifications of their customers. Maurimosaic is a proud Australian manufacturer, supporting both traditional craftsmanship and responsibly producing quality ceramic and glass tiles to Australia and also export globally. Its mission is to be the most trusted mosaic artistic tiles manufacturer ever to be known in the world.

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