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Mark Hunt is one of the largest suppliers of personalised number plates for sale in the UK. The company has been in the business of buying and selling personalised registrations for 35 years and has thousands of number plates of its’ own stock, with access to millions more.

Over the last few years the number of people buying personalised registrations has increased considerably, and accordingly the value has shot up. A personalised plate that would have sold for £1,000 or so in the 1980’s can fetch around £150,000 today, and at the upper end of the scale it is not unusual for a number plate to sell for as much as half a million pounds. In 2017 in Abu Dhabi the number plate with the local registration 5 was purchased for $6.8 million which was ten times the value of the car it was bought for.

However, that record was beaten in February this year when an Abu Dhabi businessman paid $14.3 million for the number plate 1. Local licence plates there usually have five random numbers, but the fewer the numbers the more prestige they carry. So 1 – 10 are the most expensive followed by 11 – 99. People also like number plates with repeat digits such as 22 and 33.

Of course, in the UK we have letters and numbers, so customers of Mark Hunt can make up all sorts of combinations. This includes using letters as numbers, so for instance, the number 4 could be read as letter A. Followed by LAN it would read 4LAN.

Some of the cheapest personalised registrations start at only around £250, because there can be number plates with a combination of letters and numbers that don’t really mean much to the general public but can mean a lot to someone with an unusual name. These can make an excellent present without having to spend a fortune. Indeed, many of Mark Hunt’s number plates are purchased as a present for a loved one. Quite often, people will buy a personalised plate for a son or daughter who has just passed their driving test to put on their first car.

Mark Hunt has plenty of registrations for less than £2,000, such as HU11 DOC which would certainly be suitable for a doctor in the town at £1,999, and SUE 848R which is available for £1,200, so there are many which are affordable for the man or woman in the street.