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The end of August is here. Which means two things: the summer holidays are over soon and the Laundry Day is going to take place. The Antwerp festival is traditionally the festive conclusion of the summer and does everything to heal this reputation. “With eight scenes, our poster is quite varied,” says co-organizer Wim Van der Borght.
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True to its good habits, the poster is a clever mix of genres, ranging from techno to hip-hop via drum’n’bass. There shine prestigious names of techno gods like Fritz Kalkbrenner, Jeff Mills and Booka Shade, alongside hip-hop heroes such as Romeo Elvis, Stikstof, Thecolorgrey and Tsar B.

Although the majority of the scenes are linked to clubs known as Ampère, Versuz and Café d’Anvers, one of them is dominated by the Dutch hip-hop label Top Notch. It is the home port of De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Lil ‘Kleine and Broederliefde in particular. It is therefore not surprising that they are present at the festival.

360º configuration

Photo DR
“Like last year, we operate with a circle configuration, so 360º. From the technical point of view, it’s the best of sound, and it’s unique in the world of festivals. The containers, which the faithful will probably recognize from previous editions, refer to Antwerp as a port city, ” he continues. The festival is indeed very popular in its own city.

The circle configuration will be completed this year by an additional scene, the Super 8 Social Club. “This area is like a kind of big coffee. There will be live Belgian talents such as Sylvie Kreusch and Claire Laffut, “he says.

In the air and dry
In everyday life, everyone prefers to keep both feet on the ground, but that does not apply to Laundry Day. You can admire the festival from above in two ways: from the point of view, already present last year, or in the center of the circle where a special attraction will propel you in the air.

In practice
The kick-off of Laundry Day will be given this Saturday, September 1st from noon at the Middenvijver on the Linkeroever in Antwerp. The festival is easily accessible by car, bicycle or public transport. The basic entrance costs 49 €. If you come by bike, you will receive € 5. If you come by car, you will have to count 10 € for parking.
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