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On this occasion, a representative of the company shared that they offer social media integration within the contact center solution. It means the VoIP developers of the company integrate one or more social networking platform within the call center software. The company has already integrated Facebook in their own contact center solution, namely, Dialshree. The company has also assisted some of its customers with VICIDial customization. Here, the company has integrated the social networking platform within the VICIDial: Open source call center software.

As per the shared details, the company can integrate any social networking platform in the call center software. The client must have access to the source code of the contact center solution to integrate the social networking platform.

“We have successfully integrated some social networking platforms for our customers. Recently, we have integrated Facebook in the VICIDial solution for some of our customers. Also, we have integrated Facebook and LinkedIn in our contact center software for some of our customers. We have proficiency in integrating the social media platform within the call center solution.” shared spokesperson of the company.

The call center social media integration can be used to collect data from the social business page and feed it in the contact center software to run different lead generation and customer care campaigns. The spokesperson of the company shared one of the case studies used by one of their customers. That customer has integrated Facebook into its contact center solution. He runs various campaigns on Facebook to collect contact number of interested customers. Our integrated solution collects all these data (contact details, name of the customers, etc.) and feed it automatically in our contact center solution. Once the data is added, the call center can use it to run various lead generation campaigns. The same solution can be used to collect existing customer data that have raised concern on the social platforms and running campaigns for customer service.

The VoIP developers have automated the complete process with the social media call center software integration. It benefits a call center will below mentioned advantages:

• Amalgamate power of social media and call center software
• Increase lead list with more opted contacts
• Run more strategic lead generation campaigns
• Run more personalized customer care campaigns
• Increase agent productivity
• Reduce manual efforts
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Increase business
• And more

About Elision

Elision Technolab LLP, more popularly known as Elision, is a leading VoIP company that offers client centric VoIP development services and innovative VoIP solutions. The company has various next gen products to offer such as, contact center solution, Voice logger software, voice broadcasting system, IP PBX solution, softswitch solution and more. The company offers innovative modules for VICIDial and call center solutions to increase its functionality. The social media call center solution integration is recently launched service by the company. To explore more details about it, please visit