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Refections – The Juice Bar, one of India’s emerging brands is on a run to build its own outlet cluster across New Delhi. Started off from South Delhi on March 2018, it is now on the verge of opening its second branch. We have a vision and mission to grow organically, learn, serve and revolutionize the beverage industry by providing diversity in healthy beverages.

We call ourselves Thirst Quenchers!
We are here to quench your thirst for nutritious drinks by proffering you the high quality ingredients grown organically in our very own country! We serve a wide variety of beverages; to name few – 100% pure Juices, thick to tropical to classical Shakes and from the Mock-tails inspired from our Indian style Lemonade -“Buntaa” or “Goli Soda” bringing back your childhood memories to the trending Mojitos, health freak shots of wheatgrass & bitter melon and so much more.
We are your one-stop solution when it comes to satisfying your innumerable & distinct cravings.
We are experts at delivering the highest quality of service with our primary focus on the right Nutrition, be it a healthy dose of detoxifying juices or some tantalizing chocolaty shakes. We are here to serve you the holistic happiness with a tinge of Nutrition in your busy life!

“Refections” was born on 11th March 2018 and is an outcome of endless efforts and burning desire of its Founder Director – Mr. Rohit Adlakha, who tells us that how his father felt the need of the increasing number of students in South Delhi who come to Delhi to attempt specialized Professional courses like MBBS, Civil Exams and other competitive exams with their hectic schedules comprising of a minimum16-18 studying hours per day and advised Mr. Rohit to innovate and provide a healthy and quick recipe to help these students.

Mr. Rohit Adlakha believes in the quote by Sir Dhirubhai Ambani that “Only when you dream it, you can do it.” His quotes have always been a guiding light to all my dreams. “Refections is not only a Start-up organization but it is a product of my imagination. Since childhood, my hunger was more about quick and nutritious beverages than a meal.”

As I grew up, my journey towards fitness made me curious to search some healthy options. Being a social person, I could relate to the change in demand emerging in the market of beverages. After my deep market analysis, I found out that there a mixed demand for beverages like Juices, Mock-tails, Shakes, etc. Therefore, I decided to bring in the diverse heaven of beverages for my customers with countless options.”
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