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There are many pharma third party manufacturers in the industry but it is Pharmasynth that has been the most reliable and trusted partner for most of the reputed companies in the industry as their third party manufacturer. Though Pharmasynth has started its business operations in the year 1984 within no time it has reached to top position in the industry. This is because of their commitment and dedication in bringing out quality products within affordable prices to serve the ailing humanity of the nation. The company has their manufacturing unit’s one in Delhi and the other in Haridwar. The company through their quality production services has earned a prime place among the trade, medical profession and manufacturers. The company has state of the art manufacturing equipment and technology to bring out world class products within cost effective prices. The company is GMP & ISO certified and has won many awards both national and international for their productivity, quality and fair business practices in the industry. The company brings out their products in hospital range, ethical range and patriotic range. The company has the capacity to bring out various products like tablets, ointments, capsules, powders, liquid orals, ear drops, creams and various other medicines in different dosage forms.

The company maintains strict quality control norms right from choosing the raw materials to bringing out the consumables and packaging materials to offer zero defective products into the market. The company constantly upgrades its team with the latest changes happening in the industry to ensure they keep up with the technological changes happening in the industry and catch up with the latest production procedures in the industry. The company to optimize their manufacturing capacity offers pharma third party manufacturing services to the clients offering them best services within affordable prices. This is the reason that the company has grown into the most reputed pharma third party manufacturer for most of the reputed pharma companies in the country who utilize their manufacturing capabilities to bring out their products into the market. Pharmasynth also offer PCD pharma franchise opportunities to enthusiasts.

Apart from manufacturing the company also actively participates in many social responsibility programs to serve the humanity of the nation. The company strives to create a reachable health care system across the county in the most efficient and affordable manner. The company also actively involves in many government health awareness programs and adopted many rural villages to enhance the health and living conditions in those areas. is a top most pharmaceutical company in Delhi offers best pharma products in India. We provide quality medicine at affordable price. For more details, please visit us at

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Dilshad Garden, Block D
Kalander, Dilshad Garden
New Delhi
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