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Now you can enjoy clean indoor air for a longer period of time with this popular Air Purifier
Today: Global Gadgets top electronics gadgets store in Delhi is offering the Sweden manufactured air purifier by Blueair to its esteemed customers. Customers now will get a Smokestop filter worth INR 17,000/- free with every purchase. It is a great deal for people who got affected by the Delhi smog last year. With the winter soon approaching, it is only wise to be prepared in advance.
In a brief interview an executive from Global Gadgets explained a few features pertaining to the Blueair 650e air purifier. He said “The Blueair Classic 650E is great for worry-free air purification in your large rooms. Its digital display allows you to see the status of your indoor air quality at all times. Set your unit to auto mode or control your unit remotely. It prevents allergy and asthma symptoms so that you can enjoy the feeling of clean air in your home”.
He added “There are many benefits of using an air purifier at you homes. The main benefits would comprise of the following:
• Live healthier with highly efficient air purification.
• Captures smoke and smog.
• Let your family and friends breathe air that is 99.97% free of pollutants.
• Minimize triggers for those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.
• Clean your air with visible, dust-free result.
• A digital display indicates the status of your indoor air quality all day long.
• Comes with a remote for easier control
It seems that Global Gadgets has brought something very useful to the table with the Blueair 650e air purifier. People who have small children or old folks at home will definitely benefit from this purchase and they would save a lot as they are getting the Smokestop filter free.