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CHW Forge uses advanced technology to manufacture and provide a range of quality forgings and other industrial equipment and parts that have commercial, residential, production-related and industrial uses. With round-the-clock customer support, the company is able to fulfill the aspirations and requirements of a comprehensive range of industries in India.

While we may not know forgings, are all around us. They have industrial, manufacturing-related production commercial and even residential uses, and can handle extreme stress, frequent impacts, and extreme temperature and pressure as well. CHW Forge is a leading manufacturer and provider of a range of forgings to multiple industries in India. The company deploys qualitatively advanced and technologically futuristic processes that it has for creating high-quality forgings in India.
CHW Forge creates a comprehensive range of quality stainless steel forgings including aluminum forgings, rolled ring forgings and other high-quality forgings made using stainless steel, alloys, steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloys, and duplex steel among other materials. The company can create these world-class forgings, equipment, and parts because of heavy investment in technology. It deploys the ring rolling machine, fully automatic hydraulic press, the automatic open-die forging press, electric operated and gas-fired furnaces, and also has the ERP systems for reducing costs and making the products more affordable. CHW Forge today caters to the needs of a range of industries and offers for forgings and parts for Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear and other sectors while also fulfilling the requirements of construction, engineering, oil, petroleum, engineering, automobile and other industries. The company is preferred by both PSUs (Public Sector Units) and private business organizations.
Talking to media men at a recently held press conference in Ghaziabad, the spokesperson of the company “We invest heavily in technology and back our quality forging products and other offerings with excellent customer care services so that our clients and customers get the best of all worlds. Our forgings and other equipment are today deployed In the hardest and most adverse conditions of the world and are excelling the aspirations. We also aim to create more affordable yet quality forgings and other equipment and constantly endeavor to minimize the adverse impact caused on the environment”.