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Root cause analysis, also known as RCA is an approach used to break down significant problem before trying to solve them, by which the main root cause of the problem is isolated and identified. A root cause is characterized as a factor which by evacuation would keep the event of the unfriendly occasion, different components that influence the result ought not be considered as main drivers.


RCA is connected to deliberately recognize and correct the root causes of events, as opposed to just address the symptomatic outcome. Concentrating amendment on root causes has the objective of totally anticipating issue repeat.


RCA isn’t generally a solitary, very much characterized field of concentrate as there are numerous varieties, tools, procedures, and philosophies that originated from it or are identified with it.


Basically, it depends on four general principles


  • Characterize and portray appropriately the occasion or problem(‘5 whys‘ system).
  • Build up a course of events from ordinary circumstance until the last emergency or disappointment.
  • Recognize root cause and causal factor.
  • Once actualized (and with consistent execution), RCA is changed into a strategy for problem prediction.

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