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Rapid Plas provides a wide range of polyethylene rainwater tanks that meet various household, agricultural, and industrial needs. 

[TAMWORTH, 29/08/2018]—Rapid Plas, a water management solutions company in New South Wales, supplies a wide range of polyethylene rainwater tanks for different residential and commercial needs. Their products help households and businesses shift to environmentally-friendly and economic sources of water.

Small and Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Rapid Plas offers a line of small and slimline rainwater tanks for small residences and businesses. The tanks are durable, having been manufactured to meet the AS/NZS 4766 standard for storage tanks. They can hold between 500L to 5,000L which make them suitable for various tasks such as watering yards, cleaning vehicles, or supplying water for small homes. These alternative sources of water can be integrated into the home’s water system to help reduce domestic water consumption.

Large Rainwater Tanks

Rapid Plas supplies large rainwater tanks ideal for agricultural, industrial, and commercial needs. The tanks are designed for heavy use and can hold between 7,000L to 32,000L. With large capacities, they can be used as alternative water sources for businesses or industries such as chemical and food manufacturing. The tanks can also function as storage for products such as molasses and fertiliser. Rapid Plas offers different tank and pump packages that can match different client needs and set-ups, whether for garages, workshops, or whole residences. On-site delivery is free for large tank purchases.

About Rapid Plas

Rapid Plas offers convenient water management solutions for residential and commercial use. It is a family-owned business that has serviced local communities for over 25 years. They provide polyethylene products ranging from rainwater tanks, commercial and industrial storages, livestock feeding and watering equipment. They are located in Tamworth, New South Wales.

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