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Text My Main Number made an announcement of the launch of the click-to-text widget that is also known as click to text button, click2text button. This feature is available for all customers of this text to landline company and there won’t be any additional charge to use it.

As per the shared details, the company has added a module in their text to landline web applications, namely, Click-to-Text Widget. The business texting service users of the company can create multiple click to text buttons for their websites. The platform allows creating a customized button with preferred color, label, text, size and style. This lets customers create the click to text button that match their branding elements.

To use click-to-text widget, the business texting service users of the company need to follow below mentioned steps:

1. Login into the text to landline web app of the company
2. Make required setting in look and feel of the Click to Text button
3. Copy the code and put it on the website

That’s it! The website visitors can click on that button to send an SMS. This is a messaging feature available on the finger tips of the website visitors. The visitors don’t need to use any specific app or software to send a message. The SMS will be sent via their inbuilt SMS app. This will increase conversations.

Key benefits of Click to Text Widget are listed below:

• Increase lead generation as anyone can send an SMS quickly and SMS is a preferred mode of communication for many
• Increase customer satisfaction as they can quickly send a support request via an SMS
• Increase staff productivity as they don’t need to stick to live chat widget or calls
• And more
As per the shared details, the click to text widget is available for free to all users of the company. Also, the business texting customers of the Text My Main Number can create multiple Click to Text buttons if they have multiple websites of landing pages with different layout.

This feature is offered by only a few business texting service providers and Text My Main Number is one of them now.

“SMS is the most viable mode of communication. Thus, we offer business texting services. We thrive to bring features that can benefit our customers as well as their customers. The Click to Text feature is a step in this direction only. It will remove all additional steps of finding a phone number and sending an SMS. The web visitors just need to click on a button and send an SMS. No extra steps. This will definitely help in increasing leads and customer satisfaction.” shared Ashvini Vyas, Director of Operations, Text My Main Number.

About Text My Main Number

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