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Masterflow Solutions supplies a range of Magniflow sea and river water pumps suitable for use in industrial applications. The product comes with the guarantee of on-time delivery.

[SYDNEY, 28/08/2018] – Masterflow Solutions, a family-owned provider of customised industrial equipment, supplies a wide range of Magniflow sea and river water pumps for industrial applications. With client requirements and deadlines in mind, the team at Masterflow also ensures the appropriate solution is delivered on time.

The Magniflow Collection

Magniflow is a range of non-metallic sealless mad-drive centrifugal pumps with hermetically sealed pump liquid. Using synchronous magnets, the driving power is transmitted through a powerful magnetic force that keeps the pump running. All components exposed to water in a Magniflow pump are made of engineered plastics and high-grade ceramics, ensuring a hard-wearing finish even after constant exposure to chemicals and moisture.

Technical features of Magniflow sea and river water pumps include:

• Solid Polypropylene (PW) and ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (PW-F) wet ends

• Liquid temperatures of up to 70°C for PW and 90°C for PW-F

• Flows up to 1400L/m (84m2/hr)

The Magniflow pumps are often used for deionising equipment, CIP cleaning systems, salt and brine solutions, fume scrubbers and electroplating solutions.  Another Application is for high temperature water in solar based systems.

Fast Production Times and Excellent Customer Service

The production team strives to fulfil delivery deadlines. They implement quality-focused and innovative approaches to manufacturing pumps and tanks to meet client expectations.

Experts at Masterflow are available to discuss requirements before production begins. Their service team members also provide excellent after-sales assistance for the commission and maintenance of all supplied equipment.

About Masterflow

Originally named Filpec Industrial, Masterflow has been in business for almost two decades. Located in the industrial heartland of Sydney, the company provides a comprehensive selection of custom-made solutions for all the requirements of the HVAC industry. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of filtration, fluid dynamics, fabrication and pumps that solve the HVAC and storage challenges of many industries.

For more information about Masterflow and other product enquiries, visit their website at