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The device uses low volt electric current to bring relief in pain, one just need to charge it fully, place the electrodes on skin, adjoin it with the connectors and forth to the TENS unit, select the mode and start with low strength massage.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation, it’s a kind of therapy using low volt electric current to bring relief in different aches and pains. Generally, this therapy is used by physiotherapist but now with easy availability people are often using it their home by themselves saving their time and money. It’s been always suggested that health care products should be bought only from a certified company and one such brand is Santamedical. It’s a renowned brand in health care sector and it’s product Santamedical PM-610 Rechargeable Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is quite popular for adroitly bringing relief in different aches.
To use this device effectively one should follow the given steps:
• Charge the device to 100% and read the manual to understand the functions of tabs given on the Tens Unit. There are eight modes to choose from and two tabs are given to increase( + ) and decrease ( – ) the intensity of power and in the centre pause button is given.
• Take a sanitiser or alcohol and rub on area where you’ll stick the electrodes and leave till it dries.
• Now apply a thin coat of gel on electrodes, this gel will help to penetrate the electrical signals in nerves under the skin.
• Now stick the electrodes on the ache prone area, if having difficulty to stick the electrodes you can use adhesive tape to stick them.
• Plug in the pin connecters in the electrode and TENS unit.
• Now recline in a comfortable position in which you can rest for the required massage period.
• Turn on the TENS unit, set the required mode and for initial few minutes keep it on low power strength and then gradually increase the speed.
• The device has got 10-60 minutes timer with 20 minutes default settings and auto shut off, so that you can set the timer for auto shut off and enjoy the massaging period.
If you are suffering from any body Pain just get this device to get instant relief, it’s easily available on Amazon.