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Kids Island Nursery
Villa 101, Al Zoubaidi st,
Jumeirah 3,
Dubai. UAE

Telephone: +971 4394 2578

Children can start attending nursery in Dubai when they are 12 months. But, it is a decision parents must think deeply about. For many parents, it is the first time they have left their child alone, and outside of their care. They may wonder if it is indeed the right decision, or if they should wait a little longer before sending their child off to a nursery school in Dubai. This is a dilemma particularly with stay at home parents. It may make more sense to keep their child in the comfort of their home.

However, it is not always possible to give the child the stimulation that he or she would get in a nursery environment. And a home environment stimulates a child differently to a nursery environment.

Kindergarten school in Dubai encourages outside play. Nature based learning is important for children to develop creativity, self-awareness and for the overall development of their wellbeing. A child remains active and learns to play out of doors. They learn to love their environment and respect it as they come to understand the intricacies and mysteries that surround nature. Children are completely free when learning nature based lessons through clay and play-dough modeling.

Children get to enjoy messy play in a nursery setting. Not all parents are likely to encourage this type of play in their homes. But, messy play is important to a child’s growth. Children who immerse themselves sand and water will learn to love and respect the beauty of nature and its environment.

Nature-based learning is an investment on your child’s health and this concept has been well understood and put into practice by nursery school in Dubai. Research indicates that children who learn through nature-based education enhance their health and well-being and develop responsible environmental behaviour in the long-term. In a society where young people are often inclined towards digital devices, nursery in Dubai makes an immense effort to inform and empower young children to become future environmental advocates.

The Head of Kids Island Nursery, Isabelle Amatoury notes, “We believe that each child is unique and deserves an opportunity to develop this uniqueness. In our safe and nurturing environment, we provide a balanced and holistic approach where children can engage in diverse learning opportunities.”

About Us
Kids Island Nursery in Dubai was founded 27 years ago by Isabelle Amatoury. The philosophy of the nursery is that each child should be given an opportunity to have the best possible start to their education. The nursery follows the British Curriculum to get children ready for preschool and kindergarten. We have a team of caring staff to support children and their parents as they make a decision to transition their children into nursery. Parents are made to feel welcome in our nursery setting and we encourage parents to offer their input through a range of opportunities for collaboration. For more information, visit our website on