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A friend of mine and his wife are in the process of choosing a school for their daughter. Between the two of them, they did a lot of research. They have discussed with their friends and colleagues who have been through this process. Every once answer is that they have visited the schools, they have read up about various schools and they have visited the websites of the top private schools and selected one. These people too did all these but though they have now managed to narrow down their options down to five, they have yet to pick The One!

As I watched my friends discuss the pros and cons of all five schools they have shortlisted, I can’t help but wonder how parents nowadays do this; the process they go through to choose the best school while also satisfying all the requirements they look for in a school, a good teachers and management, extra-curricular activities, pedagogy and amenities and facilities etc.

Going with a bit of my own experience and also after talking to some parents who have either been through the process of choosing a private school or are in the process of doing so made me wake up and realise that there were broadly three things that seem to help them decide.

1. speaking to or being able to read reviews of the particular schools by parents of children going to that particular schools
2. Comparing the ratings of different schools
3. Getting information about the actual extra-curricular activities offered by those schools.

Now, in Urban cities, tracking down parents of children going to particular schools and to get actual information about the schools may sound like an easy task but trust me when I say that it is no mean feat! With the number of schools starting every passing year and the different teaching methodology, the variety of extra-curricular activities, and the amenities and facilities on offer, selecting the best school for your child is highly becoming the biggest task now.

Zedua Helps You to do this process in a wonderful way and in a relatively stress-free experience. Zedua has a bank of information about 1.6 million plus schools across India, sourced from the Government of India. Parents of children going to all schools can log into Zedua and rate and review their schools and parents who are in the process of selecting a school can go through the various reviews and check the school facilities and select the one school. Zedua also offers a discussion forum that allows communication between parents for the exchange of information. And, lastly, Zedua also allows comparing 2-3 schools at a time based on their reviews and ratings and the extra-curricular activities offered by the school.

So, when the ultimate selection of which school is best for your child is something that yet rests in your, that is the parents, hands, Zedua makes this selection process much more simple and easy and, if I dare say, enjoyable!