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Vancouver Business Brokers is selling Pirate Adventures at 1820 Mast Tower Road for $549,000. The asset purchase includes the pirate ship valued at over $250,000, storefront and marina boat slip.

[Vancouver, 24/8/2018] – Vancouver Business Brokers is selling the commercial property False Creek Business, Pirate Adventures located at 1820 Mast Tower Road for $549,000. The Pirate Adventures property is a marine, street-level storefront with a total floor area of 890sq. ft. The asset purchase includes the storefront, marina boat slip, staff training and the pirate ship valued at over $250,000.

Pirate Adventures is a Hospitality and Entertainment Business

Pirate Adventures is an established entertainment business in Granville Island and has been since its operations began in 2014. Pirate Adventures earns an annual profit of $150,000 during the summer and holidays seasons and has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

The company offers a ‘unique, unforgettable and family-friendly experience’. They provide interactive pirate cruises aboard a fifty-foot pirate ship from Granville Island in the centre of Vancouver, British Columbia. The business is open for bookings for pirate-themed events for all celebrations. The 75-minute cruise treats the guests to a complete pirate experience with face paintings, tattoos, costumes and activities like treasure hunting and quests.

The vessel is inspected, approved and certified by Transport Canada for passenger use. The staff are trained for marine emergency procedures, first aid and safe vessel operations under the directives of Transport Canada.

Vancouver Business Brokers has listed Pirate Adventures on their website for prospective buyers.

About Vancouver Business Brokers

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For more information about Pirate Adventures and Vancouver Business Brokers, visit their website at or call 1-604-783-5593.