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Tobia Pool Care is one of the qualified pool cleaning service providers in Boca Raton, FL. They are the award winning company for best customer service in and around Florida. They have a dedicated team of experts who pledged to provide quality service to their customers without taking much of their time. With various testing methods, they completely survey in and around your pool to remove any leaks.

Motor Replacements & Repairs
Tobia pool care offers pool equipments repairs and installation for reasonable prices. With highly skilled technicians, they diagnose the motor pump which moves the pool water through the pump. They also install pool cleaning filters which are important to keep your pool clean and sanitary. They also set-up pool heat pumps which can transfer heat to the pool water during the mild climate. Automatic pool cleaners are installed which eliminates the need for brushing, skimming and vacuuming the pool water.

Services for Swimming Pool
Tobia pool care offers different package plans to satisfy their customer needs.

Silver package
This package includes PH testing, chlorine replacement and alkalinity assessment. They provide you with right chemical balance to keep your pool clean and marine blue. It also includes complete inspection of pool and its equipments.

Gold package
This package includes the cleaning of pool filters, which is the important factor for keeping your pool water clean. They provide 17-point inspection in and around the pool surface and its equipments. It also includes PH testing, chlorine replacement and alkalinity assessment.

Platinum package
This package includes complete chemical balance with PH testing and hardness testing. Skimming and vacuuming of pool to remove debris and dirt in the water. They clean the filters and perform 17-point inspection test to find any leaks in the pool. Pool walls will be brushed neatly from the bottom and vacuuming is done in and around the pool.

About Tobia Pool Care:
Tobia Pool Care is the licensed and fully insured swimming pool service provider in Boca Raton, FL. They provide best pool cleaning, pool maintenance, pool detection services to the customers. They provide pool service to both family operated and spa operated pools. They provide weekly and monthly chemical treatment plans to their customer. To know more information, visit at

6492 Kirsten Way Lake Worth
Florida 33467
Phone: (561) 232-8140