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Australia, August 2018 – Dr. Drew Dwyer joins Talkers.FM to talk about Frontline Care Solutions and the online learning courses and compliance training they offer to enhance an individual’s knowledge and skills to meet healthcare standards.

“As society changes, so does the learning system.” – Dr. Drew Dwyer

In this generation, being traditionally taught in a classroom is actually more expensive and doesn’t really fit into the lifestyle of a busy person. Online learning is probably the most flexible form of delivery you can give a learner to pick up or review a specific skill and to continually develop themselves professionally.

Frontline Care Solutions, headed by Dr. Drew Dwyer, is one of the first organisations in Australia to enter the online learning platform for aged care and community services. Frontline provides clinicians and carers with online courses, flexible training and seminars in a format that is easy to understand, absorb, and use in the healthcare space. They also assist different institutions in leadership, management and continuous elevation of the healthcare workforce in the community care, disabilities, mental health, and aged care sector.

“Our LMS [Learning Management System] is built cloud-based, so you can access our LMS from any device and into the internet and you can download, watch and do your courses and at any time that is necessary for you.”, says Dr. Drew. This allows their learners to continue learning at any time, at any place.

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