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What is a spiral submerged arc pipe? I believe that many people are not very familiar with it. In short, this is actually a process of processing a tube blank with a low-carbon steel strip or a low-structure alloy steel strip according to a certain spiral angle. Pipe made by welding method. Because it has advantages such as high production efficiency, good pipe performance and high pipe precision compared with Large diameter anti-corrosion straight seam submerged arc welded pipe, the application of this spiral pipe is very common in modern society.

Nowadays, the use of such spiral pipes is very common in the chemical industry or in the transportation of oil and natural gas. However, if the relevant personnel want to ensure the use of the spiral pipe, then the pipeline is used. At that time, the relevant personnel must pay attention to the installation of the pipeline. Because the material and specifications of the pipeline are very diverse, in order to ensure the use effect, the relevant personnel need to pay attention to the selection of the appropriate type of pipeline according to the actual use requirements. Installation. In order to ensure the smoothness of the pipeline laying, after the foundation excavation is completed, the staff also need to pay attention to the ground leveling work.

All the pipelines need to be transported before they can be used to reach the local area. If you do not choose a good way during the transportation process, then it will definitely affect the normal transportation. Let the Xiaobian explain the spiral tube for everyone. Transportation method. First of all, we need to pay attention to the bundling. We need to bundle the five together. After binding, we can guarantee the security of transportation. If it is not bundled, it will definitely shake during transportation. Then we will notice the placement. In the method above the car, everyone must be placed in turn, do not arbitrarily placed, or it will definitely lead to deformation problems.

Only a reasonable placement can allow more tubes to be placed. Finally, consider the fixed work inside the compartment. Not only do you need to bundle it during transportation, but you also need to bundle the interior of the compartment. Only after correct operation can you Avoid the sloshing during transportation, and it can be transported to the designated place more smoothly. Everyone must pay attention to these details when transporting the spiral tube, so as to ensure the quality of the pipe.