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Santamedical Deluxe SM-110 Two Way Display Finger Pulse Oximeter with Carry Case and Neck/Wrist Cord is a premium oximeter available on Amazon. The device is compact, pocket sized, battery operated, precise and meets quality standards. Ideal for sports enthusiasts, the device comes with two way display apart from carrying case and neck cord.

Fingertip Pulse Oximetry Market report presents a detailed market analysis related to pulse oximeters. It takes in to consideration the various regions and various segments of manufacturing companies. The report stratifies the market targets as hospital users, home users and others. The research report also takes in to account the market attitude with respect to device types ie stand alone devices or multi parameter devices. The report will help all segment marketing units from well established ones to fresh start ups to study the pulse oximeter market and the future trends of the same as the report predicts the market till 2022.

Santamedical is a reputed name in marketing electromedical devices and pulse oximeters is no exception to it. Their new product Santamedical Deluxe SM-110 Two Way Display Finger Pulse Oximeter with Carry Case and Neck/Wrist Cord is already a hit in the market. The device has been made available on amazon by the company. The device meets quality standards as its FDA approved and CE certified. It gives precise readings over a wide range of spO2 levels and heart rate with fair accuracy. The device is equipped with two way display which by default setting faces the user but with a click of button, faces away from the user. The device works with two AAA sized batteries. The device is also supplied with the carrying case and neck cord.
This is an ideal product for anyone who wants to measure oxygen saturation levels of the hemoglobin in the blood including sports persons, mountaineers or adventurers. The device is accommodates fingers of almost all sizes.

So if you are looking for a compact and sturdy device to monitor your spO2 levels along with the heart rate than this one is ideal for you and it can easily be ordered from Amazon from the comfort of your home.