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Mr. Mehul Shah, Cofounder of Elisiontec was on a business tour in the Philippines for last two weeks. He has returned to his home country and had shared details about his tour with the media. He had announced this tour as a successful business trip.

“I was in Manila, the Philippines for two weeks and it was a great experience. I had explored many wonderful opportunities there. Our digital marketing team has been documenting all details on our company’s social pages. I’m sure you have seen that.” shared Mr. Mehul Shah, Cofounder of Elisiontec.

He further added, “The experience was great. I went there with a clear agenda of expanding horizons of our company and I am happy I could achieve more than I thought. It is definitely a super successful trip.”

According to the shared details, the co-founder of the company met their existing partners and customers and had showcased various projects of the company to them. Below is the list of projects highlighted by the cofounder of this VoIP company:

• Contact center solution
• Helpdesk ticketing system
• Live chat software
• Voice logger system
• Remote Agent
• And more

The company could get success in selling some of these products. Furthermore, Mr. Mehul Shah has created channel partners over there to expand the business even more.

Mr. Mehul Shah had also visited an international expo which took place in Manila last week. The expo was “Systems Integration Philippines”. According to the shared details, he could get success in making some more clients over there for their contact center solution. Also, he received a lot of interest for their services listed below:

• CRM Call Center Integration and
• VICIDial Customization

Mr. Mehul Shah, Cofounder of the company had also explored opportunities of partnering with some system integrators. He was lucky enough to win a prize in the lucky draw held by the event organizers.

“As I said it was a great trip. I had signed many wonderful deals and many opportunities are discussed which will surely get converted at some time. I was overwhelmed when I won a prize in the systems integration expo and I felt like this is indeed a lucky trip.” remarked the cofounder of this VoIP company.

Mr. Mehul Shah has also hired an employee in the Philippines for Elisiontec. He will be working there on a permanent basis, and he will contribute to the growth of the company. He is the first hired employee of Elisiontec in the Philippines and the owner of the company is looking forward to increase his team over there in nearer future.

About Elisiontec

Elision Technolab LLP is an Indian company that deals with BPOs, call centers, customer care centers, banks and other industry verticals. The company offers a wide range of software and services to delight their customers. For more details about the company, please visit