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Black Forest Firewood is offering you the benefit of sitting by an open fire on a cold night with a quality firewood supply at your home. We provide several types of woods available to suit all budgets.

What ever you require Blackforest Firewood can accommodate. The top 3 woods with the highest of quality to burn in your fireplace are Red gum, Iron bark and Box. The seasoned hardwood we offer has to undergo a Trommel screening process to eliminate chances of contamination.

Black Forest Firewood is a family owned company, and we have been catering to destination specific firewood delivery in Sydney, Western Sydney, across NSW, Blue Mountains, lower mountains and surrounding areas since the last 35 years. Originally based in Prospect, our yard has recently moved to a rural setting at Badgerys Creek where we have proceeded with our firewood supply to all of Sydney.

We sold firewood in either 2, 3, 4 and 6 cubic metres or more. Being a member of the Firewood Association of Australia incorporated, and we ensure that we adhere to the Code of practice insisted by FAA. Seasoned firewood is the best to work with, as it will light quickly and consume longer than the non-prepared assortment. If you require fires that expend perfectly and profitably, you ought to simply use firewood that has been fittingly prepared, or dried. Using green, or wet, wood can understand smoking issues, notice issues, and revived progression of creosote, which can prompt a risky chimney fire.

Seasoned firewood will usually have darkened ends with noticeable breaks or parts and will be essentially lighter than green wood. You can in like way thump two bits of the wood together, and if you hear a reasonable thumping sound, the wood is in all likelihood prepared. Firewood is generally sold by the volume, and our own is sold by the cubic cm.

Firewood Suppliers in Sydney supply sustainable and legally sourced firewood. Firewood correct moisture content should be less than 25%. Compliance with the National Code of Practice for Firewood Suppliers, we supply different Firewood types: Ironbark, Redgum, Box, Standard Eco-Hardwood and Kindling. Stacking of the Firewood is the responsibility of the beneficiary. When we are on your property, proper care is taken. We have a choice of timber logs which can be purchased for milling, wood turning and furthermore for the unusual.

About the Company:
Originally based in Prospect, Black Forest Firewood is offering one of the best burning woods. We provide sustainable and legally sourced firewood in Sydney, Western Sydney, across NSW, Blue Mountains, lower mountains and surrounding areas.

Contact details:
Address: Black Forest Firewood
80 Beresford Road
Phone no: 0418 401 069